Karen Bennett Managing Director, Shawbrook Commercial Property
Emma Cox Sales Director, Commercial Mortgages
Lisa Crane Customer Service Director, Property Finance
Stuart Kelly Director of Lending, Property Finance
Jim Moulton Marketing Director, Property Finance
Terry Woodley Director of Development Funding, Property Finance
Sarah Woolf Head of Sales
Cassie Irving Sales Operations Support
Gavin Seaholme Senior Development Manager
Louise Malone Sales Operations Executive
Nikki Bolt Sales Operations Manager
Peter Turner Senior Development Manager
Steve Matthews Regional Development Manager
Daryl Norkett Regional Development Manager
Marc Champ Senior Relationship Manager
Krissy Salmon Business Development Manager
Lee Albino Regional Development Manager
Natalie Moreno Marketing Manager
Giorgia Paganuzzi Marketing Executive
Ade Akande Senior Manager, Strategic Planning
Karl Crutchley Senior Project Executive
Paul Cater Property Data Analyst
Risi Bello Product Analyst
Glenn Brown Sales Manager
Nik Phillips Sales Desk Team Leader
Rob Holt Sales Executive
Luke Mudd Sales Executive
Jack Simons Sales Executive
Lee Warne Sales Executive
David Morris Head of Credit
David Alexander Process, MI and Planning Manager
Jade Cowell Senior Lending Administrator
Kate Wilson Head of Operational Support
Laura Mortlock Head of Conduct Risk & Customer Management
Rachel Amery Customer Service Analyst
Daniel Standing Team Manager
Andrea Cadby Team Manager
Nick Grant Senior Lending Manager
Michael Kennedy Lending Manager
Oliver Porter Property Finance Graduate
Thomas O'Brien Lending Manager
Paul Lauris Lending Manager
Adrian Boxall Lending Manager
Kerry Washbrook-Smith Lending Officer
Emma Brooks Lending Officer
Thomas Lane Lending Officer
Kelsey Hickson Administrator
Jake O'Brien Administrator
Charlie Attridge Administrator
Gene Clohessy Team Manager
Emma-Jane Crowe Lending Manager
Gemma Smith Senior Lending Manager
Luke Randell Property Finance Graduate
Graham Ingleson Lending Manager
Raheel Butt Lending Manager
Wojciech Babiarczuk Property Finance Graduate
Richard Hodgson Lending Manager
David Humphrey Lending Manager
Jenny Barham Senior Lending Officer
Joanna Hatch Lending Officer
Clare Colmer Lending Officer
Ella-Louise Smith Lending Officer
Rebecca Weston Lending Officer
Edson Clarke Administrator
Andy Thurston Team Manager
Edward Drew Lending Manager
Sarah Churchill Lending Manager
Daniel Hedges Lending Manager
Kim Wood Senior Lending Officer
Stacey Thomas Lending Officer
Danny Kiely Administrator
Gillian Phillips Senior Quality Control Officer
Emilie Walsingham Quality Control Officer
Jill Jones Quality Control Officer
Kathryn Hunt Quality Control Officer
Charlotte Moseley Quality Control Officer
Rebecca Lucas Quality Control Officer
Robert Adlington Data Entry Clerk
Gemma Long Lending Officer
Jessica Kent Trainee Lending Officer
Lara Evans Trainee Lending Officer
Tina Bartlett Senior Lending Officer
Jedd Nossell Lending Officer
Dave Ellis Credit Manager
Natasha O'Neill Credit Manager
Timothy Rist Credit Relationship Manager
Alex Barber Customer Liaison Officer
Connor Chilton Loan Manager
Emma Collyer Loan Manager
Haylee Mercieca Loan Manager
Joylie Bates Senior Loans Manager
Kevin Hunt Customer Liaison Officer
Chris Barber Loan Administrator


In The Spotlight

New case study – redeveloping the iconic Tyrers building in St. Helens for the modern age.